So this is it, eh?

My inaugural post. The one that’s supposed to kick off this whole learning thing. Okay, fine.  Ta-da! *Jazz Hands*

It’s been about 14 hours since I nabbed the “Less Than Amateur” blogroll name on WordPress. I didn’t upload anything right off the bat because I was fighting with the interface. My fear of not realizing the concept of this ongoing blog set in last night with the realization of WordPress’ limitations (I can’t change my fucking font without buying a Pro account? Sigh. Implementation of forced Pro account purchase in 3…..2…. )

I’m going to try to keep this simple and just post a photo and tell you why I like it, or maybe complain occasionally about what I’m working on learning with the big book of Nikon. If I fail, I will fail due to the simplicity of the goal – which won’t be surprising to anyone who knows me well and my tendency to over-complicate things.

So for my first image, I chose a photo I took but didn’t actually set up. I can’t take credit for it completely though I did sit in the dark for about 90 minutes clicking the shutter repeatedly while a crazy lightning storm raged outside. I had someone on hand who knew how to do things like set the exposure right for long exposures and get the camera to act exactly as it needed to in order to take a photo of lightning, at night, from a hotel room, while raining:

In part I’m posting this photo because it kind of has become the symbol of what I want to learn: lighting, settings, strategies for taking the photos I imagine taking in my head.This was taken with a Nikon d200 in Cologne, Germany last August.

I learned a lot about spot removal editing this photo, as there were some raindrops on the window that blurred parts of the sky. I also learned that orange lights make everything look awesome in photos at night.

And I learned I have a lot to learn.

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