Photographers are like DJs.

Every photographer I’ve ever known is kind of a dick. On one hand they’ve spent hundreds and thousands of hours honing their craft and the last thing they want to do is give away their hard-earned knowledge to some punk looking for short cuts. They’ve inhaled enough benzene for a few lifetimes. I get it.

I’ve spent countless hours and several thousand dollars on house music over the past decade. I didn’t have anyone to teach me; I learned by practicing matching beats on vinyl until I had blisters on my index and thumb pads (twisting that little metal knob in the center of a record, again, and again, and again.)

But on the other hand, now that Pioneer CDJs make beatmatching MP3s as simple as possible and Digital SLRs seem to get cheaper and better with every generation, isn’t there less grunt work involved? Shouldn’t the learning curve be less steep? Shouldn’t we all just get along?

No. Because photographers are dicks.

Except this guy Josh. While everyone else sneered that I bought a fancy camera (business tax write off heyyyyy) I didn’t have the faintest idea how to use (point and click, right?) Josh seemed excited for me and has offered on several occasions in the short while I’ve had my fancypants Nikon to go shooting with me. Last week he gave me some helpful advice: He told me to shoot in Aperture mode to start. To think about framing the subject / photo with the idea that I should think about what exactly I wanted to be in focus and to set the Aperture mode from there.

That got me thinking about when I shoot on hikes and yesterday when I went hiking, it was in the thought process of each shot. As a result I am pretty happy. Here are some of the shots from my day.

These were taken with a Nikon D3S using a 28-300 Nikkor lens.

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5 Responses to Photographers are like DJs.

  1. great pictures! you either have a really good teacher or a really good eye for this…or both 😉 looking forward to seeing more.

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