A picture I took and don’t like, and a picture I might have taken that I do like. What?

So these two shots are from that wedding in yesterday’s post.

I definitely took this shot and I don’t like it. It’s crooked, for one (it’s been cropped in post), there’s people and other cars in the background which is also more in focus than I’d like it to be (see my “Photographers are like DJs” for the Aperture commentary.) The lesson has since been learned, but this is an example of a sloppy shot I clearly didn’t give a shit about. Why take it at all then? It’s obvious no thought went into it:

Now, this shot of the same car, has much more style and sophistication. I am unsure I actually took it, because I was trading the camera back and forth and I don’t think I was the one who switched to the fish eye. So I’m likely using this photo without permission but it is a perfect example of what I had in my head vs. the actual photo that I know I took above.

The only thing being that the photographer (still can’t tell if that’s me) is in the reflection of the chrome. EFF!

So, another lesson learned.

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