A dogpark lesson in Manual vs. Aperture

So I go to a fancy fucking dogpark, okay? It’s right under the Hollywood sign and the view and the dogs are pretty awesome.

This is Raisin and she has the prettiest green eyes maybe ever on her little human face.

It’s not “really” a dog park but everyone that lives nearby uses it as one. My puppy has made friends with all (or most) of the regular dogs and recently I shot some of his more famous fury friends.

And this little love is Chloe. She and my puppy are kind of in love.

These are super photoshopped on purpose, so if you’re not into overly photoshopped photos then you probably won’t like these.

The lesson I learned here: My camera has more settings than I am yet used to.  My D3S ISO can go up to 1600 which helps a ton in low light situations. I was trying to shoot in Aperture mode only (like Josh said) but all of my pictures were coming out blurry and kind of dark. I was alerted to the fact that if I shot on Manual and set the Aperture wide open with a fast speed and high ISO I would be able to capture moving dogs and retain some of the rich color of sunset. I had forgotten all about the ISO settings.

I still photoshopped the shit out of the color but the original pics were pretty good.  Shot with a D3S using a 28-300 Nikkor lens.

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2 Responses to A dogpark lesson in Manual vs. Aperture

  1. JPanda says:

    very nice photos! Like how you processed the colours 🙂

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