The best photo I have ever taken.

A year and a half ago I took a two-week escape-from-my-breakup trip to Morocco and took a Nikon d200 with a 28-200 and 14-28 lens with me. At the time, this was the first time I’d ever shot with a pro DSLR by myself. I’d often assisted to this point on shoots for the ex in question but this trip was really what planted the seed to continue with photography as a creative outlet.


I blew some of these up and hung them around my house. It’s easy, in a place like Morocco, to see absolutely everything as an interesting photography because everything and everyone are so very different from anything we ever experience in the United States. Or most Western cultures, actually. Morocco was like going back in time about 100 years in almost every way, good and bad. In some parts it was even further than that. That’s not a judgement, just an observation.


Here’s a handful of the photos from that trip, all of which I tried to be as deliberate as possible when I snapped them off, some of which (more often than not) I just got really lucky. (P.S. – The silhouette of the woman in the burqa in the alleyway is the photo I’m referring to when I say it’s the best photo I’ve ever taken. So far.)

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