It’s not ripping someone off if you tell them you’re doing it

So now all of the photographers I’m friends with know I’m trying to learn about more photography stuffs. I’ve only really talked about it with Curious Josh (which you can read about in this post) but now at all of my DJ events they see me and my honkin’ D3s and inevitably ask me how it’s going with shooting and how I’m liking my camera, etc.

They don’t know I’m keeping a blog about learning yet (except Josh.)

So on Saturday one of them, Marcus, sauntered over and we started talking about what I’m learning and how it’s going. I told him I was reading the giant book of Nikon to learn all about my camera, etc. and that I had enjoyed shooting, blah blah blah. I remembered how much I admired his photos from our last DJ day event (you can view mine here) and that for this event I was blatantly going to rip him off. He loved that and laughed, and I was totally serious: I was totally going to shoot in the style that he had shot (or try) the last event we did in a (possibly vain) effort to produce better photos.

It got me thinking: I’m sure it’s natural to emulate photography that you like or were impressed by, but at what point are you just ripping someone off vs. trying to learn how to shoot like them in order to find your own style?

Here are some of the shots from the day that were the most like Marcus’. They’re not necessarily the most awesome shots, but I remember trying to make sure to remember how he would have shot the picture before I snapped them off. He has a way of capturing people in the moment at events that caught my eye last time we compared event photos.

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