I’m getting a lot better at framing people.

I went to a wedding last weekend, (I wasn’t the photographer for the wedding, just attending as a friend) and brought my camera along. I knew the photographer so the first thing I did was ask if it was okay that I took pictures. She, of course, was super cool about it (BECAUSE JUST LOOK) , especially when I explained I had no idea how to use my Nikon. Considering I’ve had it for a few months now and am halfway through reading the big book of Nikon, I can’t necessarily keep using that line anymore. But still, I didn’t want to be that asshole that showed up with this big ass camera and was all “Hayyyy Katie I’mma just take som pittchers!” I’ve seen that happen, and it’s ugly.

I noticed while editing these photos I’m getting a lot better about framing people and posing people. I have a few shots of each person I posed, because everytime I said “Hey let me get a picture of you guys!” I got the standard ‘nice’ smile. I don’t want the ‘nice’ smile, I want a real smile. Since these guys are all mostly my friends, it wasn’t hard to be funny or silly and get them to drop their “photograph” face and give me real stuff.

I also noticed I’m getting a little more patient (or maybe I’m quicker to acknowledge that small adjustments will make the photograph better?) with setting up shots and did some maneuvering to make sure that light was better than not for each shot.

Here’s a few from the day, including one I took of the photographer because she’s just so badass.




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