Man, I wish I had some of my older photographs.

I’d really like to go back and compare some of the stuff I took with my ex’s camera on our many vacations – especially now that I’ve started really trying to learn wtf I’m doing with Photoshop, Lightroom and well, my camera in general. I had these great photos from Ireland (or, at least, I thought they were pretty great) in lo res but not the original files in high res, which is kind of a bummer. Looking back on these they’re not *as* impressive as I remember them being at the time but I’m still pretty stoked on the experience. I think this was the trip that really got me interested in learning how to photography stuff on my own, but my partner was not that supportive which made it sort of a bummer for me (considering she was educated in photography.)

This was the celebration as Spain won the world cup – outside the pubs in Dublin:

A street performer in downtown Dublin (could have probably cropped out the damned Burger King):

# # #

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