So I cried in Yosemite. Twice.

On the drive up to Yosemite last Friday I said, “You know how Yosemite is like, all totes iconic and fer daizies photographed?” (Okay maybe I didn’t say it exactly like that. But saying something so retarded seems like it deserves some added enhancement in my recollection of how it probably sounded.)

I continued, “I hope I’m not disappointed because I’ve seen a zillion pictures of it.”

Yeah. I said that. Now, I love me some nature. I hike as much as my schedule allows. I have tried to do as many Modern Hiker hikes as possible. I love nature photography, I love landscape photography and I love macro-nature photography and want to learn it all as soon as possible (clearly.)

When we entered through the South entrance of the park, I instantly relaxed. Being from Northern California, the giant redwoods made me feel at home – ancient, graceful trees that have always had a way of making me feel like an intruder on Earth, whereas they fit in so naturally and majestically.

Driving through the tunnel of Tunnel View, it’s the greatest, most breath taking surprise at what pops into view as soon as you burst through the tunnel. It took everything in me to catch the first sob in my throat at the site (feel free to make fun of me for sounding so emo.) I didn’t want to roll up to the viewpoint all cryin’ n shit (I was embarrassed at my reaction!) so I swallowed it up and concentrated on just taking a photo that I knew, in no way, would capture what my eyes were seeing.

For a million examples of the tunnel view shot, here.  Mine is the one below, and yes, I’d have used a wider shot to edit but it’s blown out at the back where half dome is in my wide shots – the light was not great. It was sunset but the haze made everything seem pretty flat and there weren’t any clouds in the sky that day, so it was a pretty boring shot overall but just so gorgeous to stand there and take it all in.

I’ll be posting more photos of the trip all week, and learned SO MANY NEW THINGS. I learned night photography set up and exposure and about exposure and water shots and Michele told me about the rule of thirds and -yes- I got some great shots of a black bear in a meadow. I got this little guy hiking up to Nevada Falls (the long way, ahem.)

I also learned about time lapse photography and why evenly-timed shots are ideal. At some point I want to compile the time lapse and post here as my first attempt but I need some good time lapse software. If you’re reading this, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks to all my new followers!

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