Macro lens success; my garden was like a League of Legends match with insects this morning

I accomplished three things this morning:

I figured out how to appropriately shoot on (S) this morning in relatively lowish light AND I   did very well on the Manual setting with my macro lens. Also, I unleashed hordes of zombie insects into my garden. WIN.

My backyard garden is in bloom and as such, it was time to release those little vacuums of ladybug awesomeness to do an aphid sweep and a basic insect PvE match. (For non-video game fans, that’s Player vs. Environment.) I released hundreds of lady bugs early this morning and watched as an epic war began to take place, mostly on the corn stalks. There were multiple battles, love affairs, kill stealing and even rage quitting taking place – I captured some really great shots with my macro.

For the ladybug on the orange flower shot, I made sure my shutter was as fast as possible without being too dark – the lighting wasn’t terribly great as the sun was still behind the fence to the east. I saw the ladybug heading up the stem, so I knew I’d have a shot.

I’ve found that the macro lens focusing is the biggest challenge when you are shooting as closely as possible. I made sure everything was on manual, but with such a small slice of focus length (I’m sure there’s a real name for that, but I don’t know what to call it) I needed to make sure I was as still as possible – I lose the focus point even when I’m trying to stand as still as possible. It’s very frustrating, especially when you add that the subject is a moving bug, and a slight wind that might be moving the flower.

But, success was found as my preparation paid off: the bug crawled onto the flower and I was able to capture a few good shots, this one being the best. The color ended up being just so good, I hardly had to edit it.

Another couple of good shots from the morning:

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