I started a Twitter feed for this blog. First RT was…


“Buying a #Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner.”

That’s the best thing I’ve read on Twitter, maybe ever.

Also, it made my curious: what makes a photographer, according to you, the photographers?

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3 Responses to I started a Twitter feed for this blog. First RT was…

  1. ndjmom says:

    I struggle with being called a photographer, because I often don’t think I’ve earned that description. But I’m learning to accept it by the following definition.

    A photographer is one who not only takes photographs but strives to improve every shot and constantly improves his or her craft. This could be by going to workshops, taking courses, or independent learning via the internet and studying the great photographers.

    A professional (pro) photographer is different. A pro is a photographer who actually earns their living by being a a photographer.My 2 cents for what it’s worth.

    • midsommereve says:

      I like that description.

      I say “I take photos”. I couldn’t bring myself to class myself as a photographer, I hardly have any experience and I worry about the “who do you think you are, you have no experience or training?” backlash, but I guess technically (especially by that) I am. I will utter the words eventually…though probably quietly when noone is listening but the crickets 😉

      I do agree it is about the experience of capturing images, not the equipment.

  2. andreashesse says:

    you know, most of the times, someone asks me in person what i consider myself, I tell him, I don’t care, I just try to shoot pictures and have a good time 😉
    But, if seriously asked (or when asked by a nice young lady), I tell, that I am an amateur photographer. At a concert that I am an amateur concert photographer or something similar. Of course, everybody taking pictures with a camera is a photographer. If you like the smartphone photographers or not. But that is where the attributes come in. You might be a professional photographer or an amateur. A concert photographer or an art-photographer, or a street-photographer. But in the end, everybody with a camera in his or her hands belongs to the family.

    There is another problem in describing what you do. Do you take pictures, make them or shoot them? As long as I published straight out of the camera, I only shot pictures. But since I work on them afterwards, I tend to say that I made them, having in my mind, that my ultimate goal is at some time to ‘make art’. Does that make any sense? 🙂

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