Photography vocabulary


These are the two words used most in my (new) Twitter feed @lessthanamateur.

I’m a video game publicist by trade and a DJ by hobby so words and sound are my thing(s). Unfortunately visuals aren’t my thing, which is why I’m so keen to learn how to shoot a [stunning and beautiful?] photograph.

That said, I recently signed up for a Twitter account and have started following photographers of all kinds. And being champions of their trades, it’s become clear that they can take amazing photographs but their tweets are hard to read in a feed because of the repetitive nature of these two words.

When tweeting, I will be sure to substitute the following for the former two words. Thank you,

admirablealluringangelicappealing, beauteous,bewitching, charmingclassycomelycute,dazzlingdelicatedelightfuldivineelegant,enticingexcellentexquisitefairfascinating,fine, good-looking, gorgeousgraceful,grandhandsomeideallovelymagnificent,marvelousnicepleasingpretty,pulchritudinousradiantravishingrefined,resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid,s tatuesquestunningsublimesuperb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful, beauteous, bonny, brilliantcomelydazzlingdevastatingexcellentfairfamousfinefirst-class, first-rate, gorgeousgreathandsomeheavenlyimpressivelovely, number one, out of this world, prettyravishingremarkableroyalsensational, smashing, spectacularstriking,superiortop


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