Getting creative with a fisheye & Know your plants!

I don’t own a fisheye but I have access to one. I took it with me up the 2 hwy this weekend after my tidepool disaster on a hike in the middle of the day. The stark landscape under the noon sun didn’t provide anything obvious to shoot so I had to get creative. I had my entire pack on which includes a D3S, a Nikkor macro 105mm, a Nikkor fisheye (not mine) and my hefty Nikkor 28-300. My pack is a Kata Bug, which was cheaper and similar to the Kata Bumblebee but a bit heavier.  So it’s a pretty heavy carry on hikes, but worth it for the options.

A few years ago an arsonist set fire to the forest so the trees (what’s left of them) have all been blackened, making the summertime wildflowers and semi-arid desert landscape contrast nicely (just not at noon, per se.) I snagged a few macro shots of weird Dr. Suess-like flowers and a nice shot of a honeybee before I switched out the lenses and played with the fisheye.

I figured there was nothing I could do to escape the noon sun so I was going to use the sun to my advantage. I crawled (literally) around Poodledog flowers trying to avoid them because they were sticky. I had no idea it was poisonous (akin to poison ivy) or I probably wouldn’t have maneuvered my way into a thick patch of them to grab a few frames with the fisheye.

I knew working with a superwide angle lens meant that if I wasn’t careful I could end up in all of the photos, but it was hot, I had to pee and I was sticky from the the flowers so when I viewed the exposure (with my polarized Ray Bans) I didn’t notice I was actually *in* most of the shots. DAMMIT! Some creative cropping (the square cut works best for this anyway) and here’s the best one from the day:


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