Dragonflies at Switzer Falls

I have avoided Switzer Falls for years because I’ve always thought it’s an easy hike, crowded and waterfalls in Los Angeles aren’t anything to write home about.















So when we set out at dawn to get the jump on parking and the crowds up the 2 fwy I was pleased with our planning and ability to rise before dawn now two days in a row but had (overall) low expectations of what my experiences would hold at Switzer.

Man was I wrong. Yes it’s crowded. Yes, the first mile of the hike is a little worn down from overuse. But get past the falls and the trail thins out – it weeds out the less experienced, less in shape (I’m not bragging about any personal ability here…) and children. There are several rock pools perfect for a dip and poolside lunch and best of all: swimming lessons for my Airedale Terrier, Schroeder.

I ended up only taking a few shots, mostly because the shaded canopy and canyon lighting didn’t really do much for me in terms of composition (most likely because I’m still working on figuring out what makes for decent composition, let alone good composition.) I did scramble up a gravel-y hill to snag a few shots in a little cove (first shot above) and managed to get fairly close to a few dragonflies.












It was a good day.

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