Shutter Speed success!

Got ‘im!

I shot a series of this little guy last weekend at Charlton Flats with a 105mm Nikkor macro. I had leaned down to take a picture of a yellow flower when I heard buzzing from the tree/bush right in front of me. I looked up and there he was, flitting around. I had everything set to Manual (focus, settings) because I was taking close up shots so I knew I had to move quickly to change all settings to try to get him. Even though he was moving around, I still managed to catch a few great shots of him and am pretty damn proud of my quick reaction to reset all the exposures correctly and focus properly with a moving target.

This was also an editing success: apparently the photos were a little blue when I opened them in Lightroom and Michele happened to be sitting next to me and helped me adjust it so it wasn’t quite as blue using the Temperature slider. I think I’m starting to understand that slider now a little too.

Progress. It’s a thing.

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