Nature photographers, avoid the PoodleDog flower

I went out a week ago to a hike up in the Angeles National Forest and brushed up against the Poodle Dog, a “fire follower” flower that’s bright purple against sticky dark green leaf stalks. The leaves secrete a substance that’s sticky to the touch and hard to wash off – 24 to 48 hours after contact (and sometimes longer as I’m still having areas of rash pop up on my body) you will start to itch and break out in little bumps.

After a day of that it will seem like it’s going away but in reality it’s morphing itself for the long haul on your skin and will come back with a vengeance. With no signs of slowing, some cortisone may be in order later this week.

It’s day 8 and the webs of my fingers and backs of my hands are covered in little itchy bumps. Check out my inner right arm.

Avoid the Poodledog!

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