Playing with shutter speeds.

I once had a photo taken of me on accident that showed me standing still in the center of the photo, only slightly out of focus, while the forest around me, bursting with fall colors, was this crazy blurred circular pattern. I posted it on Facebook and called it “Happy accidents.” I didn’t know what caused the photo to turn out that way but it’s one of my favorite shots of myself I’ve seen.

With that in mind, now that I’m comfortable using [most] of the various settings on my camera (PROGRESS!) I played around with the manual settings last weekend at the beach to get a unique shot of one of our DJs, Cameron Angeli (

He was one of our guest DJs and I admire his sound so much I really wanted a photograph that did him justice. This was the result of using a Nikon D3S on manual settings with a slower shutter speed and as I clicked the shutter button I zoomed out, creating a sort of movement within the photo as it was shot.


Here are a few more that came out in similar fashion. Much fun.

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