I did not take this photo. And I really need better composition skills.

We were running all over the rocks of Alabama Hills one high noon earlier this month and we found the Mobius Arch. We had the camera, but it being noon in the desert I didn’t really have any creative ideas on how to capture anything interesting visually. Michele had the camera and took some shots of me and the dogs just being silly, etc. It wasn’t until just now that I saw this photo (some weeks later) and I wanted to post it, unedited, as a reminder to myself that I need to work on my composition skillz.

The exposure and angle here are great, and really frame the arch in a dramatic way so much more so than I was able to picture it in my head when I thought about taking a photo of it.

She only took three photos of it, and two of the three really nail how cool of an arch it is (the third was a bit higher exposure.) I wish she took more pictures but I’m glad she took these.

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