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Shooting emotion & cheating the shot with knowledge of subject

One of the nights I was in Aspen, after a long day of hiking I was enjoying a beverage in the mostly empty small lodge bar of my hotel when a kid walked in with his guitar and started singing … Continue reading

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The new adventures of Rayman, vol. 1

For those of you who know who / what Rayman is, he needs no introduction. For those of you who don’t, Rayman was born of a company called Ubisoft for Nintendo as one of their flagship games for the Nintendo … Continue reading

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Bear photoshoot fail: In which I have a full minute to shoot a wild bear and f*** it up.

So for those of you following me for a while now knowing that this blog is all about chronicling my successes and failures at learning how to use my camera, this is a good one. You’ll like this one. Because … Continue reading

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Maroon Lake, Aspen, Colorado.

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Aspen Photos Starting…Now

I recently took a trip to Aspen, Colorado (which is why my blog was so noticeably bare for a week) and have begun editing the shots. Like every other time I leave my house with my camera, I learned so … Continue reading

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Cathedral Rock: 5:57 a.m.

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Wide angle fail

After my amazing trip through the slot canyon, I had heard about this awesome river bend nearby and wanted to go check it out. Why this idea sucked, in no particular order below: It was 100 degrees out and the … Continue reading

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Dogs. Dogs and birthday hats.

I felt absolutely crazy walking into the “dog bakery” at the Grove earlier this month. It was my pup’s first birthday and all of his dog friends would be at the park that afternoon. I figured some designer dog treats … Continue reading

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Hopi ruins

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Slot canyons: Nail’d it.

I’m not getting cocky, but I couldn’t help the post headline for this blog post. Plus, with something like 400 photos taken in 90 minutes in this canyon it’s hardly nailing anything. Below are something like 20 photos from this … Continue reading

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