And I’m back!

While it got hot in Los Angeles (and in my non-air-conditioned house) the last thing I wanted to do after a day’s work was be on my hot laptop. Something about the heat makes the brain extra mushy. I made excellent use of my time, however. I traveled around the Southwest into Arizona, Utah and Nevada – and got some great photos while I was at it.

I also went out and got myself a tripod and a new 50mm lens. I didn’t need the lens, but it’s good to have a nice, light “people” lens – I will be trying it out this weekend at a party in the park. The tripod was necessary after I tried to hike from the parking lot down to Slide Rock in Sedona, Arizona with a steel giant of a tripod. Those photos coming soon. My poor knees couldn’t take it, though the heavy tripod certainly holds up far better in weather than my new light one. More on those photos soon, too.

I planned to read more of my Nikon book while I was on my vacation, but the monsoon that hit flooded my jeep – and my book. It’s been about two weeks but I think it’s still drying out. I really, really need to read more of it and am making a point to do so before bed each night this week.

I feel like I’ve gotten to a certain point of understanding and have shot more than I’ve read – it’s a comfort zone and I don’t want to get stuck here.

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