I did it: Lightning shot, by myself.

Remember way back to the first post I did on the blog? It was a shot of lightning in Cologne, Germany over the looming Dom. When I got my camera, all I wanted was to be knowledgeable enough that I’d be able to set up my camera in any conditions and take that same shot by myself, with no help.

I did it.

I have a keen understanding of weather, so when I saw that Sedona’s afternoon was going to be glare-y and hot with wet trails and incoming lightning (no hiking, no biking), I got in the car and took off up the 17A past Flagstaff, in search of some bad-ass prairie weather.

Living in Los Angeles, you don’t get a lot of “weather”, per se. (As I write this I’m outside under a rare summer cloud cover.) It’s either sunny or it’s not, and it’s sunnier more often than it’s not. It’s the rare day we have big fluffy clouds overhead.

I could see various storm cells as I got into Flagstaff and knew that at some point, if I could just maneuver into a good enough position, I’d be able to get a storm coming across the land. Either way, I was having a good time – I was on vacation. Work be damned. DAMNED I SAY.

I rolled out past a gas station somewhere north of Flagstaff and south of the Grand Canyon and there it was: a monsoon just coming over the ridge ready to rock. I quickly set up the METAL  tripod and it didn’t take too long to get the settings right so that my exposure time was as long as possible in the daytime without blowing out the image. I was also lucky enough to have a remote sensor hooked up (thanks Michele!) And although it doesn’t look like THIS, I am pretty damned proud I’m to the point where I can get the shots I managed to get.

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