Slot canyons: Nail’d it.

I’m not getting cocky, but I couldn’t help the post headline for this blog post. Plus, with something like 400 photos taken in 90 minutes in this canyon it’s hardly nailing anything. Below are something like 20 photos from this one afternoon, because I’m that happy with them.

That said, I didn’t get the big beam of light (second shot down) exactly how I wanted because my lens wasn’t wide enough. I was using a 28 and you really (reallyreallyreally) need like a 14 in there. It’s so narrow. I was jockeying for space with several professional photographers and amateur ones. We all agreed going in that we’d be nice to each other and helpful, knowing there would be elbows in the back and tripods across the shins as we moved quickly in the sand to get the next angle *just* right.

It was SUCH a good lesson for me: I had to not only jockey for a good position but I also had to set up and get the shots under such time constraints (these sunbeams don’t hang out very long.) And the way the light danced blue and violet on the walls changed from minute to minute. I’m sure the canyon is a lovely place when you are by yourself, but I’m unsure when that could possibly happen with so many photographers getting in there every day.

There are no bad angles in that canyon, it’s like all my composition dreams came true.

Overall this was one of the best lessons for me: position, quick set up, pressure of limited time: all of these those things pushed me, and I’m really happy with the experience overall. It’s such an added bonus that I have some amazing shots to go along with the lesson.

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3 Responses to Slot canyons: Nail’d it.

  1. Gorgeous shots! If you are a match for our site, we would be interested in featuring some of these or others of your photos in our online gallery. Check out the site and e-mail if you have any questions. You are not less than amateur! Well done.

  2. These pictures are amazing. You really did nail it!

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