Dogs. Dogs and birthday hats.

I felt absolutely crazy walking into the “dog bakery” at the Grove earlier this month. It was my pup’s first birthday and all of his dog friends would be at the park that afternoon. I figured some designer dog treats would be a great idea. Little did I know they have dog cakes (complete with custom icing) and dog hats. These dog hats weren’t like little kid hats either – all plastic or thin cardboard. This shit was real: glued satin on thick cardboard with small chin straps made just for dogs and their smaller heads. They came in two different sizes. I was amazed. And it made me feel like “that dog owner” (especially in LA.)

Who knew.

These aren’t anything award-winning (well, the first one is pretty damned good) but it was a fun day in the park and I think the pics communicate that pretty well. Dogs in tiny wizard birthday hats are amazing.

Shot with a Nikon d800 and a 28-300mm lens and a fisheye lens. I did not capture the first picture below, it was taken over my shoulder and, dammit, is the best shot of the bunch. These dogs were serious about their cake:


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4 Responses to Dogs. Dogs and birthday hats.

  1. Shooting dogs is one of the most difficult photographic feats. They’re always moving, or looking away, or suddenly flattening their ears so they look like a guilty deer (that might just be my dog).

  2. kokoruma says:

    Great pics of what looks like a great party! Thnx for sharing with the world. And yes, the first one is definitely the best 🙂

  3. Loved this post! All of these photos made me smile!

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