Aspen Photos Starting…Now

I recently took a trip to Aspen, Colorado (which is why my blog was so noticeably bare for a week) and have begun editing the shots. Like every other time I leave my house with my camera, I learned so much on this trip: I fucked up a night shoot pretty badly, but then captured night shots in fun and creative ways on the very next night (admittedly I had help in realizing my error, in order to fix it.) I got shots of a lifetime of a bear, only to realize I hadn’t switched the camera to Single Shot Focus on the body of the camera after said night shoot the night before from Manual Focus (thus rendering the bear out of focus KILL ME NOW.) I also was able to get some meaningful (hopefully) shots of a sad boy and his guitar, and of course, several hundred shots of the breathtaking landscape of the Aspen forests in the fall. I also discovered an amazing and beyond impressive landscape photographer renowned worldwide for his work.

A lot of stories and shots coming this week of all of it. I had a blast and am a little sad to have returned to daily life but am looking forward to sharing all of it. So many lessons, again.

The shot here is on my first night in Aspen around 10 pm on the bunny slop of Aspen Mountain (aka Ajax Hill.) I walked up there alone to spend an hour trying to capture the stars and colors at night using the reflection of the light from town below. Such a steep hill, so dark. I didn’t capture this shot EXACTLY how I wanted but I am happy with how I was able to edit it. I was closing the aperture instead of opening it (I got confused) for all of the night shots that night. They’re grainy but Lightroom is being good to me in post so I’m able to at least share them. Below is the view looking down on the town.

More coming soon. It was such an educational trip from a photography perspective, it’s like I can feel the wrinkles forming on my brain. Creepy. And awesome.

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