Photo filing system

Administration is not my strong suit. I credit the organization I have in my photograph files to outside advice given early. One particular gem stands out in that I was told to back up all of my photographs from a trip to Morocco two years ago on to discs, or a separate drive. I got some DVDs and burned both the edited images and the Raw files and put them away and didn’t think about them until last weekend. I was going through old photos of Morocco on this laptop, inspired after a friend from that trip posted one of the ones she took on the evil Facebook.

I took some good photos (not great ones, but solid enough) there and a few of them could have been edited better. I immediately started looking for those old discs and told myself not to panic or be angry if I couldn’t find them, but that it would be a lesson for me in backing up files (I also have a separate drive I save all new files to now.)

So this week my project is going to be to re-edit some of those images in the hopes I can get smoother results. I didn’t know how to use a digital SLR camera when I took a d200 to Morocco, so a lot of shots are a bit off in terms of exposure.

And I’ve had a lot more practice in Lightroom and Photoshop editing, so I think I can do a bit better on some of them with a little more effort. These aren’t necessarily the ones I will go back and edit, though the one below could use some vignetting, but it’s nice to be able to revisit these memories (while fine tuning some of my photos.)

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1 Response to Photo filing system

  1. Jontacular says:

    Good thinking – I’ve often thought it’d be interesting to revisit shots from a few years back to see how I’d approach them now! Lovely shots in there.

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