I have time for naught.

Given the state of my free time, which I have none of, the adoption rate of “new shit I’ve learned” has taken a nosedive. The good news is I’m done editing the Aspen photos, the bad news is that I think I’ve posted all of the ones I think I have anything to say about. Womp womp. I did go back (after fighting, again, with Lightroom) and re-color correct some of them so I’ll be posting those at some point.

I can really mess up photos with that temperature slider. I excel at that. And I’m still uncertain how the histogram works. I get the concept of light and dark on a slider, but it’s the weird way you can manipulate the S wave that blows my mind.

I did read, however,  all about my world of  preset options in the D3s in the big book of Nikon. I have zero use for them. I never shoot in the same environment, so what good are presets? Someone please explain it to me.

If I was in a studio or like, constantly shooting macro, yes, I can see that working well and the D3s is remarkably well-equipped for such things. This is where that “you don’t need that camera” comments are welcomed and deserved. I stand by my philosophy of not wanting to be limited in any way.  So far it’s still working for me. In conclusion: fuck off.

That bullshit aside, I recently discovered Peter Lik. And by recently I mean last month but am just now writing about it. Apparently there’s a TV show about his photography, and I’d love to see it but it’s either not on anymore or I do not get that network (?)  Maybe in all of my free, inspired time I will watch it.

At any rate, here’s some of his work that completely floored me while simultaneously making me see how long a road there is in front of me. In a good way. Kind of.



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2 Responses to I have time for naught.

  1. Lula Harp says:

    Those are stunning!

  2. midsommereve says:

    ROFL! Yes, I clicked the ‘are welcomed’ link. Love your conclusion, nicely backed up with the testimonial delivered through your link. Great post 🙂

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