Macro Bees in October

I have a giant mother of a tree in my backyard, and every October it blooms these tiny yellow flowers (after it dumps a ton of leaf-wrapped seeds all over my yard.) These flowers are irresistible to bees and for about three weeks all I can hear outside is buzzing.

It snows a carpet of tiny yellow flowers all over my yard, too – it’s so messy but so pretty I don’t ever really mind it.

I am now about halfway through my giant Nikon book and learning about light, metering and exposure. Something I did not realize about shutter speed is that the numbers on the camera represent the speed in fractions: 100 is 1/100th. I feel so stupid. Michele says I did know that but had maybe just never seen it written down on a table like how it was in the book, but I think she was just being nice.

I do have some issues with the different ways you can spot meter in the D3s so I’m anxious to read more into this chapter. I found myself doing a variety of metering while shooting these bees with my macro last weekend – it was hard with the bee moving to get the focus just right and probably half of these shots are manual focus anyway.

Overall I am pleased with how they turned out and love the contrast of the yellow against the brick.

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1 Response to Macro Bees in October

  1. marshmallowfluffxo says:

    lovely macros. I love bees and flowers.

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