More Space Shuttle Endeavor photos, kind of

I love space. I grew up watching sci-fi and NASA launch rockets into space on live TV and cherished Han Solo. So when the Endeavor rolled through Los Angeles I really wanted to see it, except somewhere along the way I got really busy with work and forgot it was coming to Los Angeles strapped to a 747.

I did read [with great joy] the LA Times skewering of reader criticism of the photo they published. Stuff like that makes me feel giddy. I don’t think there’s a word for the anticipation felt at the precise moment you realize a smackdown is coming.

But I think at some point I talked myself out of going to see it crawl up Crenshaw Blvd because getting to South Central would be a logistical shit show on a normal day but when the space shuttle was in town I imagined it being nearly impossible. Then I saw some epic photos of it on the street at night and I was IN.

So, Saturday afternoon we packed up our gear and drove to 83rd and Crenshaw and walked a couple of miles to where the city was throwing a big party complete with Debbie Anne (whoever that is) and a stage full of dancers and light rigs and all of that.

The space shuttle was running about 4 hours late, moving up Crenshaw at a pace of about 1/2 a mile per hour or something remarkable like that.

Here are some of the shots along the way – I’ll post my shuttle photos later this week. The trip itself was worth the journey in these shots alone. Good stuff.

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