Moroccan gallery – going back through old photos

I haven’t had a chance to go out and shoot much this past month, and this morning I went back through some old Moroccan photos. Everything was so foreign there, so busy and incredibly alive (in a fucked up, chaotic way) that looking at them now puts me right back there – except I can’t help but wonder how differently I’d shoot now.

At the time I didn’t know how to use the d200 I had very well and now I feel like I  know my d3s so well (or, at least, a lot better) that I can’t help but wonder what the photos would look like if I went back. I’d also like to add that that’s a real camel head hanging in that shot. And though I can’t read Arabic, I’m pretty sure that sign says “fresh camel.” It was dripping blood.

Below is a gallery of photos from Morocco I haven’t really highlighted before – I keep going back through the hundreds of photos from that trip as interesting research for comparisons to how I would do it now.

As things start to slow down for me in November I plan to get out and shoot as much as I can. It’s starting to get misty and foggy in the morning here, so I want to get up to Malibu and shoot some oak trees in the early morning mist – my ideal is to have a subject to shoot, but it’s hard to convince your more exotic-looking pals to get up at 4 am and meet you in the wilderness in full makeup and some flow-y white witch dress with props of some sort. Same goes for standing freezing ass cold on the beach.

Why don’t I know more models?


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