Today I learned about Burning and Dodging

Two elementary things I learned in my one required collegiate photography class fifteen years ago were the concepts and practice of burning and dodging photopaper during development of a photograph while stuffed away, hungry and broke in a darkroom on campus.

In the wee hours of this morning I relearned those concepts when editing a handful of photos I took yesterday of a beach sunset.

The composition of the shot was perfect, but without relying on bracketing/HDR, it was hard to get both the dark rocks and the colors in the sky in the same shot. I took several bracketed frames, telling myself I’d work on how to merge them in post today. Then I remembered that Photoshop has a burn/dodge tool. Previously, most or all of the photos in this blog have not relied on anything except exposure, cropping and color correction. I feel like I’ve missed out on some spectacular ways to enhance my photos with the burn/dodge tool, though I do feel that the best images are the ones that get it right in the frame the first time and don’t rely heavily on post.

However, I can’t help but feel kind of giddy at how these turned out.

Also, my camera is thrashed from wind and sand. ><

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3 Responses to Today I learned about Burning and Dodging

  1. saltypalette says:

    What can I say… stunning!

  2. Gorgeous. Especially the one with the green on the rocks. If you happen to be a match for your site we would welcome your work.

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