I didn’t get the Death Valley shots I wanted, but these turned out dem fine.

That damn sun drops on you so fast in the winter.

Now that I’m not sick (I woke up Sunday in Vegas with a fever) and have a juice hitting my bloodstream (day 2 of juice fasting) I feel like I can function beyond work – REJOICE! I’m pleasantly surprised with how these turned out, though they aren’t crystal clear in some areas and the editing was a little drive-by (I’m pretty low energy until I get used to this fast) they turned out fairly well. Or at least, the ones I was able to take before the sun dropped on me…

I originally set out to spend more time at the Ibex dunes but I got so excited to visit places I hadn’t been in Death Valley for a while I kind of blew it in terms of timing. Luckily I was reminded they are relatively close by and I can go back. Plus, really, there weren’t any clouds in the sky so the shots wouldn’t have been that great anyway.

I do love it out there so much though. It’s so quiet, and soooo remote that the stillness makes me a little uneasy. The peacefulness – I think that’s what makes me a little uneasy.

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