I had a hard time with snow. And inspiration, as a result.

Blue. I didn’t know everything would turn out so blue.


I was told I had to adjust my white balance but I didn’t know how to do that, and with the light fading quickly, I also didn’t have time to figure it out.

There’s a chapter on lighting my Nikon book, which I haven’t read in two months (holidays, travel, bronchitis) so I’m sure by the time there’s no more snow left I’m sure I’ll be well-read in snow photography.


We hiked up these old abandoned train tracks after I spotted these crazy icicles from the road we were driving on to capture them as best we could – it was a little harrowing though: massive 7 and 8 foot long ice fangs directly overhead as I scrambled gloveless up the side of the trail to get as close as I could in the near-dark.


It didn’t end up mattering, I hate these shots. I’m posting them anyway.

I haven’t been motivated to blog because I am simply uninspired by the photos I took – here and because of my epic fail in Death Valley last November with the dunes.

I guess this one’s not so bad:


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1 Response to I had a hard time with snow. And inspiration, as a result.

  1. keep shooting! white balance is key!

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