More sunsets and a travel fail.

There are two sets of beach photos below (one from another trip to Palos Verdes last week and one from Leo Cabrillo in Malibu.) I didn’t necessarily WANT to post more beach photos, but after a let-down of my New England photos and not being able to capture what I had in mind during that trip, I figured starting back in a comfort zone was a good start. With the fail at Ibex Dunes, New England and a disaster trying to shoot bubbles in an interesting, successful way the same way I shot water droplets that I needed something to feel good about where photography was concerned.DSC_3978

DSC_3838 DSC_3963

After grabbing these and playing with the dog on the beach, I went out the next afternoon to Leo Cabrillo. I didn’t start out going to Leo Cabrillo but the day was one of those disasters where everywhere I wanted to be I ended up getting there 15 minutes too late….

My initial plan was to go shoot the magnificent oak trees of Paramount Ranch at sunset in an interesting way (somehow) but I parked in the wrong spot (and in classic fashion got lost trying to find a shortcut to the trees from the parking lot) and by the time I got there the light had moved out of the canyon and was flat. Yay.

The hike was gorgeous and Schroeder had a great time, but the photos were crap. I decided to haul ass through the canyon to the beach to try to snag the sunset instead. More of the same, but at least I ended up getting something out of the day (besides an awesome hike.) 🙂

DSC_3999 DSC_4013

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