Butterflies of Pacific Grove, California.

Because using nouns as verbs in sentences makes me feel fancy and educated, I will start this post by saying that Monarch Butterflies winter in the Pacific Grove just north of Santa Barbara each year and it’s a site to behold.


During the day they will flap around like tiny drunk monsters in a grove of Eucalyptus trees before forming giant clusters for the evening as it gets chillier consisting of thousands of butterflies. I’d also like to state here that I nailed the spelling of Eucalyptus on the first try.















I had a rare free afternoon on a Friday and took off north to Santa Barbara with the dog and the GF to try to capture them before the sun got too low and the weather got too cold and the light became too dark.


I failed, kind of, in that I didn’t leave earlier and misjudged, again, how far away the grove is from Los Angeles, but the shots I did get are keepers and over all it was a great late afternoon excursion.


I used as high of a shutter speed as I could while still getting as much light as I could muster for the Monarchs, who neither like to stay still nor appreciate a good pose. I caught the very last light in the grove before heading down to the beach nearby to run the dog around.

Used: d3s and a Nikkor 5.6 28-300 lens.


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