Waterfalls make me feel ‘arty’ and that makes me feel dirty.

Waterfalls. They’re great, right?


They’re all tall n shit, and majestic or whatever.


I think waterfalls are jerks. They’re impossible to photograph and I am hereby against them. Anti-waterfall. That’s me. Especially the tall ones. I mean, who are you trying to impress, waterfall? They’re like the drama nerd in high school doing something mildly interesting just to get attention from other, less nerdy kids.


And so of course I sat there at Bridalveil Falls and watched all of the Europeans try in vain to keep their small children from climbing all over the slippery rocks, and other possibly-more-experienced-certainly-maybe-more-prepared-to-capture-their-vision folks with cameras come up and shoot this gigantic beast of a waterfall all the while spraying its waterfall juice all over our camera gear and misting up our crystal-coated lenses.


They force me to get all “arty” and it makes me feel dirty.


They’re intimidating and beautiful.  And I’m against them.

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