Yosemite Sunrise: Nail’d it.

DSC_4928After my episode that morning in my previous post, Michele eventually found me with the car (damn those one way loops) and I told her all about the bobcat and showed her pics. She suggested we could go back to the creek location I had originally spotted earlier that morning but as the sunlight slowly crept down the granite walls I had a feeling that staying put was the best thing to do.


Across the meadow toward the sun were a series of tall redwoods and I thought that if we were lucky enough, we’d see some god rays come down at us once the sun peeked over the mountain on us.

We got in a better position to get them just in case, and as the sun peeked over finally I realized we were kind of out of luck. Having just been smacked upside the head by the universe to relax, I was fine with heading back to the car and getting pancakes for breakfast. Then I saw it.


The giant, bare oak tree in the meadow had all the god rays and so much more. I slammed my tripod down and went after the shot.

F8 and be there, right?


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