A little Photoshop side project: My favorite childhood cartoons inserted into photos

A few months ago after my trip to Camp Nelson where I inserted a 74-Z Speeder Bike (below) into one of the shots with the majestic, towering giant Redwoods I got this idea that some of my favorite childhood friends could also be inserted into some of my more landscape-y photographs.

Spaceman Spiff Lone Pine

I made it a point after my recent trip to Yosemite to sit down and finish the batch I had started and post them up to share.

What I learned: I don’t know a lot (anything, really) about Photoshop but this exercise gave me some insight into layering and cloning behind / under layers. I also learned how to use the Quick Selection tool, but in some cases I was unable to get that tool to select what I wanted it to. For the life of me it wouldn’t select Hobbes’ feet (the last one below). I had to fight quite a bit for that one.

snoopy red baron shuttle

In addition to accomplishing success with my crude photoshop skills, I also learned that this little project could turn boring/mundane photos into something else entirely, which makes me feel kind of exactly maybe just like this.  No, you’re weird.

Snoopy Doghouse Yosemite

There are a few others I would like to work on that I haven’t posted here, but I’m still learning the finer points of Quick Selection when it comes to kind of crappy source files. The rest are below:

DSC_7590webspeeder DSC_4175 DSC_1497 Calvin and Hobbes stars Calvin and Hobbes 1

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