Death Valley – Eureka Dunes at sunset


Last week I was able to catch a sunset at Eureka Dunes – and on the way up the dunes ran into a really nice photographer from Italy – Massimo Ripani. Massimo is a landscape photographer out of Milan. He shoots Canon, but I didn’t hold that against him. Massimo’s many covers include National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveller,  and more – check him out here:

Most of the time photographers are kind of dicks (in my experience) but he was great. Hit up his site for sure.


For me, I didn’t really learn anything incredibly new on this particular shoot – I used a neutral density filter and shot what I could. I didn’t necessarily love my position but it was about 3913189048q3 degrees outside and climbing another dune after getting to the top sounded like hell. I climbed down a bit to the lower dunes from the peak I was on but found that it just made the lower ones flat. Hm.


Massimo climbed all the way to the top, and I was jealous of the effort and felt lazy. Later when he got back he said that it was not worth it – that over the big peak there was just a big drop off and not a lot of anything except shadow.

It was a great way to start a vacation – I love sand dunes. When the wind blows (which is always at sunset) you can hear the hum of the top layer of sand as it creates a low vibration over the dune. It’s so quiet, and you just can’t beat the views.

The full gallery is below.

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