Photographing the creepiest place I’ve ever been

This is a ghost ‘ranch’ north of Mono Lake. It’s also the creepiest place I’ve ever been.


It’s not creepy simply because it’s a ghost ranch, or abandoned, but rather because of the *way* it’s so desolate even though it’s so close to Lee Vining and Mono Lake on the north side of the overly salty lake, which is creepy if you think about it because lakes so far inland next to snowy mountains should not be salty. And the creepy-ass bare trees and the way the wind whistles through their creepy-ass branches.


I’m sure the broken down RV parked on the property with its blinds all pulled shut had nothing to do with it.

Or all the bones I found.

That’s all I have to say about that. 

As for the photography, the buildings are long and low, and by contrast the trees are super tall so shooting with a 28 was a little tough. Actually, this entire trip had me thinking that I needed a wide angle lens – it seemed everywhere we were set up that a 16-20 range lens would have been better. I made do, but I feel that Nikkor 14-24 is in my future. I also realized that 500mm would have been great for those birds -except- for the fact that anything in the 2.8 range is ten thousand dollars. That may end up being the only Sigma or Tamron lens I get if I get a long-range zoom, and even then it’s only a 5.6. Any suggestions?

It was sort of contrasty when we were there, but after finding various species of bones and a trap door that led under one of the buildings to a cellar, I didn’t necessarily want to stick around for sunset because I’ve seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I know what Leatherface does and I know what happens to snoops who find trap doors.

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3 Responses to Photographing the creepiest place I’ve ever been

  1. bryan says:

    Beautiful work

  2. Troy says:

    I love that you’ve been shooting the entire Owens Valley and Mono lake area. I’d my favorite part of the world. I had the chance to live there for a brief stretch and I know someday I’ll move back.

    Thank you for seeing it’s wonder, as I have.

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