Night Photos from Racetrack Playa, Death Valley

That terrible moment when you realize: I forgot my quick release. (A quick release is a cable I own that allows me to lock the shutter button on my camera so that I can take clear photographs in low light. Hey, look at me all defining camera lingo!)

I usually keep all of my necessary technical items in my pack with my lenses and camera body. After my shoot with my friend in my living room, my quick release was put in my office along with all of my other random office-y cords. And there it stayed during a wonderfully still and warm night when the moon rose late in the evening in Death Valley.

Eff word.


I still managed to get some mediocre shots, and the fact that some clouds moved overhead (thus obscuring the stars) helped me not be angry with myself. Plus, I got this kickass shot with my new wide lens, and overall it was a beautiful night and I was having a great time being away from the city.

I even got to try some HDR shots:


I had, however, earlier in the week, purchased a second quick release for the d800, which Michele was using. And given that long exposure shots are, well, long, and Michele had sat through my long exposure shots sans quick release trigger mannnny times so I wasn’t about to take hers away.


What I learned: make sure to pack all of your gear.

The full gallery is below.

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2 Responses to Night Photos from Racetrack Playa, Death Valley

  1. Eric E Photo says:

    What lens are you using? I like the vignette effect for some images, especially the b&w image. That one is awesome!! Love the first image too. Clouds can be great at night since everyone is all of a sudden crazed for the classic milky way shot…zzzzzzz. Lastly, as forgetting equipment, the more you photograph, the more you’ll forget things. I think its natural! I forgot my damn camera once!! ha ha.

  2. Zin Chiang says:

    These are amazing. How did you do that ? Question : Why does landscape always look flat when I take the picture ? I can’t figure out how to get that sense of space and depth. And the texture in clouds always gets lost.
    It always disappoints me because my pictures never capture the awesomeness that my eyes sees…

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