Full moon light or sunset?

Among the more amazing, painfully obvious things I’ve said to myself in the process of learning to take a photograph happened in the Alabama Hills last month on the camping trip when I said indignantly, “Wait, that looks like sunset.


As the full moon rose up to the south east, we were preparing dinner over the campfire. The moon was massive, and though I had little interest in capturing full moon shots, we decided to try to get some moonlight/star shots anyway. It was gusty though, making my light tripod shake in the gusts. I managed to get one shot that wasn’t blurry. It isn’t very good, but I did find the filtered light effect interesting and I needed something to blog about. (And ironically doesn’t include the moon.) I was outraged to see that it looked simply like the last rays of sunset. Before the sentence above was even out of my mouth I realized what I was saying…. duh. Science. 

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1 Response to Full moon light or sunset?

  1. Yeah, its windy there. Sometimes its good to blow the bugs away though!

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