Baby in a giant spoon! My first baby portrait shoot

Well that’s not entirely true. I helped my ex-girlfriend on plenty of infant shoots, and if I do say so myself, some of her best shots came from poses and scenes I set up. For some reason I am in touch with my inner-fag when it comes to this kind of stuff. Like the giant spoon idea below was one I had on our friend Ryan’s baby shoot, but since it was my idea to begin with, I didn’t feel like re-using the idea was ripping anyone off.



But back to the portrait idea, I don’t really think I even *like* portraits in the sense that I would make it a regular thing, but when my neighbors had their baby last week I offered to shoot her for free for the experience of doing it by myself, and because I often take all her dad’s money at our neighborhood poker nights. Most importantly, I get BBQ out of it so it’s a win-win.

No butt

This little thing is tall for a newborn. Just a few days old, she was certainly snuggly, and as babies go, rather lovely. I love props and only needed the smallest of excuses to go buy fuzzy soft pillows and blankets, so this was a treat for me as well. Of course, she pooped on the pillow, but that’s nothing that some Shout and soap didn’t clean. But that’s the key to shooting babies: lots of soft stuff to prop them on.


With baby shoots, you really have to plan for like, four hours. Baby’s don’t care about your schedule, man. ESPECIALLY newborns. They’re hungry like, all the fucking time. And they hate anything not soft, and don’t even THINK about opening a window. Crank up the heater and get to work, yo. You’ll only have about 2 seconds to snag a shot before shit goes down. Or comes out. Or up. Just be ready for that one second.

That all said, man she’s a cutie. /melt


Fortunately for everyone, they live just across the street and I had zero fuck all to do that day. I was on day 5 of a juice fast so really, this was the extent of activity for me that morning.


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