Rush hour at El Morro Bluffs, New Mexico

Traveling from White Sands up into Northeastern New Mexico, we stopped off at a natural spring and national monument, El Morro. It was a really interesting place to visit from an historical perspective, and given Michele’s interest in the sociology of places (whereas I’m bored senseless and much prefer my own interpretation of nature and places), it was a good stop.

The bummer of it is that you can hike up to the top of those bluffs, but with my feet aching, a storm rolling in and it being 100 degrees outside, that option was out for me.

I did enjoy capturing this shot though:


And on the way out you simply cannot beat having to pull over for a pack of goats being herded by a dog with no human in site. He was likely moving from their day of grazing back to the farm a little ways down the road, and we were slack-jawed at how he knew to do his job all on his own.

While we couldn’t resist driving by twice, the dog remained calm and when cars came he herded them off to the side of the road. I thought of my dog at home, who on most days can’t herd himself off the couch without direction.


No passing zone, indeed.

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