My first ‘studio shoots’

I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been busy preparing for a series of planned, themed photo shoots using people. I’m not interested in portraits, except for people I know, and the general idea is to follow a theme and make it a little abstract if I can.  For a while now I’ve been loving going to exotic places and getting up at dawn or staying up late to access hard-to-navigate locations and get unique photos of landscapes. I think I’ve done well in that regard, and I accomplished all of the goals I had set out to accomplish.

I learned how to shoot star trails:

The best shot from Night 1.


I captured lightning (once):


I *started* understanding the intricacies of black and white:



Admittedly, the lightning part was using what I had learned about weather patterns as much as it was about the technicalities, but for the most part landscape photography (in my still limited experience) is as much about understanding weather, planning incredibly well and patience as much as it is understanding things like focus-stacking, HDR and proper white balance. 

So now I’ve decided that I’d like to take what I’ve learned so far and start understanding light. Like, really understanding light – manipulating it, figuring out how it all fits together, where to put it, etc. And with that I’ve taken on a photography project (two, actually) involving sets and models and themes and as my good friend put it, I’m racing before I have learned to walk (again.)

But it’s inspiring and it’s fun – as much as it is a risk in that I don’t necessarily want to fail at it, I am crossing my fingers that with  enough hope and planning I don’t fuck it all up too badly. My first shoot is this Friday, but in the meantime here’s some shots I took yesterday when I saw a gang of hummingbirds in my backyard. I saw them in the morning going bananas over these purple flowers – the red one is my favorite. Full gallery below.


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