Project Update #2 & a word about what you’re doing. Yeah, you, person with the camera.

Quick blog update to shake the dust off of this page – the project is going incredibly well so far. I think the detailed preparation and assistance from knowledgeable friends really helped me capture exactly what I wanted out of the first two shoots (one even lent me a sweet dagger and the other lent me his sweet convertible vintage ride.) My Jack from the Beanstalk story and the Woman with the Red Hood ended up almost exactly how I envisioned them. It also helped to have an incredible hair and make up person, a skilled seamstress and two excellent subjects that captured the look and tone of what I was going for.

This has nothing to do with anything I'm talking about in this blog post.

This has nothing to do with anything I’m talking about in this blog post.

That said, it hasn’t left a lot of time to shoot other things (not a complaint.)

I also met with a friend last night regarding showing the actual project and I learned a lot of things about how people who make creative things should actually approach and present what they want to showcase. Note the conscious avoidance of the word “art” and “artist” in that last sentence. I am not an artist, I am a serious business owner *serious face*.

It’s been educational, to say the least, on several levels.

I did not take this photo. Needed levity for this post, so I found some funny pics related to photography. I have no idea who to credit, so bite me.

I did not take this photo. Needed levity for this post, so I found some funny pics related to photography. I have no idea who to credit, so bite me.

That said, in the past few weeks I’ve noticed some really disappointing behavior. It’s not on me to decide who should be the judge of all-things-photography, but a few of things caught my eye recently and left a bad taste in my mouth. The first was when I clicked on F-Stoppers web site and saw this massive headline story about how a photographer had plagiarized two blog posts from her daily blog of like, hundreds of posts. She wrote an open letter to the photography community apologizing for it. My first reaction was “Who cares? This is stupid.” But then I read the comments. (Note: Never read the comments.) And she was being raked across the coals by people online slamming her work and telling her she’s a terrible person.

Really? It’s a fucking wedding blog. Everyone relax. Jesus.



I know how ugly online culture can be, nothing is worse than the video game industry – where fans are so brutal toward developers (exponentially so if you’re female) that they’ve actually driven a few of the really good ones to simply quit and leave the industry.

This leads into the absolute ‘uproar’ over the Nikon DF announcement last week. The DF is a really neat camera body that shoots both film and digital and provides pretty decent specs. It’s a little pricey, maybe, but it’s not worth reacting emotionally about. Is it? What am I missing? It’s a fucking camera. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. But there were several blogs and comment threads absolutely ranting about how Nikon was DESTROYING PHOTOGRAPHY.


At Nikon's door.

At Nikon’s door.

I was so confused – where was the passion and optimism in the craft? Where is the logic? No one at Nikon or the government is forcing anyone to buy it, so what is this outrage?

Thirdly, my friend Curious Josh, who I’ve blogged about before as an amazing event photographer recently was featured in the Huffington Post for his wedding shots of a bride wearing Google Glass. Good for her! Congrats on her nuptials. And that’s so great for Josh. He posted the pics on FB with the HuffPo link and tagged the bride in the photo. How great, to be featured on one of the most read blogs in the U.S., right? Wrong. He had comments from trolls (masquerading as friends, I suppose) about how weird it was and how they disapprove that a bride would “have her own hashtag” and criticism in general.

Photo Credit: Curious Josh, duh.

Photo Credit: Curious Josh, duh.





















My mind was blown this morning when I saw the comments. No one of the trolls would dare utter such criticism at say, a cocktail party, if the bride was present BECAUSE THAT’S FUCKING RUDE. Where is your social grace, Internet?

Where is your optimism and love, photographers?

Am I the last one standing? Me, the ex-DJ who fucking hates “art” and loooooaaaathes “artists?”

I can’t be all alone, can I?


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