A sneak peek at The Project.


It’s almost March at this point and with me basically traveling for work half of March and a week of April, I’m not going to hit my self-imposed deadline – but I’m kind of okay with that. That said, it’s been going incredibly well and I’m just finishing up the planning and preparation for the last shoot before I undergo the arduous task of printing.

I was thinking while driving yesterday that I’m just so pleased with the shoots so far that since I was going to miss my deadline of April that I could post up a couple shots previewing the work and give you a glimpse of what exactly it is I’ve been describing for (gasp) a year now. Shit takes forever, man.

So I’m posting some watermarked lo-res versions of a couple of files from a couple of the shoots here without context or further explanation of what the thing will be in the end so that part is at least still a mysterious surprise for me to uncover when the time is right.

It also gives me a chance to thank a lot of people who helped me make this happen in the first place. It feels good to be working so hard on something creative for the first time in a really long time and there’s a lot of people who have helped in a lot of ways.

First, my fiance Michele, who has had to endure me talking outloud about my ideas and plans for a long time now even though I have tried to curtail it as much as possible as not to annoy her. A surprisingly endless amount of thought went into each shoot and the planning and preparation has, at times, absolutely devastated my garage and parts of our house so it’s nice she hasn’t killed me yet. Second, my good friend Lisa who has also had to endure my jabber. Lisa works with photographers and really helped me define and shape the initial concept into what it is today and offered a wealth of feedback, encouragement, advice, inspirations and alcohol.

And massive gratitude for my favorite man in the world world, Wolfie. Not only did he offer his grip and production savvy but also hooked me up with Diggs who ended up lending me his car (thanks Diggs!) for one of the shots. Wolfie also graciously volunteered to let me test my new lights on him so I could start figuring out how they work in a photoshoot last year. I honestly just don’t think I would have kept going if my initial shoot with Red Hood hadn’t turned out so well – which also leads me to some very important thanks for Veronica Lane (http://www.veronicalane.com/) who did the hair and makeup and is a tremendous boon of talent. She’s a real professional and has just nailed it so far.

And lastly but certainly not leastly: Kat, for making the perfect cloak for Lauren and DUH big ol’ thanks to Lauren Dellolio, who, in addition to professionally modeling is a good friend of mine and trusted me for the first shoot even in my absolute inexperience to not make her look like a complete buffoon and listened to my craziness on several occasions as the concept kept evolving. And of course, thanks to Bear, who is the fluffiest gentleman I’ve ever met. I also need to thank my friends who PA’d for me, giving me more hands. There’s a great quote from Angels in America from Al Pacino’s character that I say on a daily basis but said less on the days my PAs were around, “I wish I was an octopus, a fuckin’ OCTOPUS.”

I know this is a lot of text for some simple preview images but I feared if I didn’t write it all down I’d forget and then remember months down the line and be really sad. Plus, thanking people publicly is like, my favorite thing of all time.

So anyway, here’s a couple of lo-res JPEG preview images! More to come as I wrap this thing up – and though I’ll miss April as my launch window I’m still fully committed to hosting the most fabulous show I can muster shortly thereafter. I’ve spoken to my board of directors and THERE WILL BE CHAMPAGNE.

Sample Draft Hansel Gretel Not For Public Use Do Not Post Red Hood Dog Preview With Watermark

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