As I learn more as I go, I can’t help but think back to some of my older photographs and how I’d like to spend some time re-editing them.



This is harder said that done for photos four years old – first, where’s my RAW file? Somewhere. Somewhere on a disc. (YAY I backed them up to a disc! Booo my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive.)



I’ll probably spend some time this weekend re-editing these old favorites once I figure this technical hurdle out. It’ll be interesting to see how I can process them now. At least with the one below, I’m *sure* I can do a better job here. Those are the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, btw.


In related news, I just realized that when my harddrive took a dive a couple months ago I lost all my source files for my cartoon photoshop series. Everything else was saved, just not those.  Luckily I had posted them all (or most) to Facebook, so I at least have the JPEGs.



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