Salvaging the Salton Sea

Last weekend, once again ignoring any research I needed to do, we packed the car and headed out to the Salton Sea again – this time Michele and Schroeder joined Beatrice and I. On the drive out we received a heat warning on our phones for excessive heat. So, this is how Schroeder and Mrs. B experienced the second go at photographing the area: 

September 2014 Salton Sea-1743

The puppies do not get out of the air-conditioned car in 106 degree weather.

I showed Michele the dead fish beach and then we drove down the coast to Bombay Beach. 

September 2014 Salton Sea-1890 September 2014 Salton Sea-1903

The lake was so still that afternoon, and it was so humid and hot I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like everything else that tries to exist out there, it feels like the area just wants to kill you. It’s creepy. There were a ton of sea birds cruising over the water which made for a lovely view, though. Overall I’m not thrilled with the lack of shots, I didn’t shoot more than a couple dozen frames. It was just so hot we left the AC on for the dogs and I didn’t feel comfortable going too far from the car as such. Michele loved it though, she really likes old broken down spooky places.

September 2014 Salton Sea-1821 September 2014 Salton Sea-1747 September 2014 Salton Sea-1731

Trying to shoot those birds was challenging. I had to manually focus on the fly mid-shot because my lens wasn’t fast enough and kept getting confused. I recently met someone who’s really great at shooting birds, sadly my photos pale in comparison as his are incredibly close up and detailed. Mine are more artistic, but I was working with what I had. 

Afterward, we cruised down to Salvation Mountain, which is this incredibly creepy religious shrine. Kind of like the beginning of the 2004 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre we kept seeing all these women walking on the side of the road in the dark on our way. The odd thing is, there’s NOTHING out there. There’s like, a few trailers and that’s it.

When we arrived at Salvation Mountain it took about five minutes for me to convince Michele that she could get out of the car. We shot it in the dark, which was pretty sweet.

September 2014 Salton Sea HDR-

The full gallery of the day is below, with a couple photos that show you how absolutely disgusting filthy my sensor is. The camera is headed to the shop tomorrow, along with both my wide and zoom lenses. 

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