Zuma Beach sunset, dog training and neurosis.

Recently I persuaded our puppy trainer to rearrange her entire day to accompany me to the beach with said puppy in tow so that I could nab what I hoped would be a killer sunset AND still keep my puppy training appt. She obliged (I made her) and at 4pm we raced to Zuma. The original plan was to shoot sunset at Leo Carillo because it has rocks and texture, but with the light fading fast I took what I could get and we parked at Zuma.

I’ve captured incredible skies and great sunset shots in Palos Verdes before and the night prior I had seen a spectacular sunset over the west valley of Los Angeles and had kept tabs on weather all day.


Snapped this while running errands the night before with my shitty iPhone 4.

My hope was that sunset was going to be another epic late fall sunset like this one from Palos Verdes two years ago:


We get so few of those in Los Angeles – the weather is always 80 and blue skies. Frustrating for landscape photography. But once in a while, if you’re paying attention to the weather you can prepare for great colors. All the planning and preparation wouldn’t have mattered if the clouds had hung a few hundred feet lower or more west or fog had rolled in or, or, or. We’ve discussed this many times before. Fail is a key word that gets tagged a lot on this blog. 

While I watched the sky in front of me, I was explaining the intricacies of weather and photography and the infinite variables that go into any great shot (as well as I have experienced, that is)  to my poor trainer who was sitting next to me quietly evaluating the probable level of my neurosis and on and on about the light getting just right and how you really only have a ten minute window for sunsets and how the light changes every thirty seconds into something completely different when I stopped mid-sentence, jumped out of the car and ran down the beach without another word:

November 2014 Zuma Beach Edited-3506-2

Because there was no texture in the water and I lacked a model (I had forgotten to grab cloth before we left to force Kelly into modeling) I played around with processing and dramaticizing some of the shots.

This one is my favorite: November 2014 Zuma Beach Edited-3523-2The original looks like the others in the gallery that are in color but something about how foreboding the sky looked in the shot made me want to pen in a lot of shadow here. I feel like this image is what this song is supposed to look like if you visualized it, which is a song I’ve listened to maybe 3,000 times and is also featured on my Tin Whiskers 1-hour midtempo emohaus mix that you can  should download here: https://soundcloud.com/portertinsley/tin-whiskers.

Something about late fall’s terribly short days, extensive nights and the chill in the air.

Or whatever. I mean, let’s not get crazy.

The full gallery is below.

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