That time we went to an abandoned slaughterhouse in the middle of nowhere at night

Murderhouse. Bloodyface. MURDERHOUSE. BLOODYFACE. These were just about the only two words cycling through my head for the few hours Michele and I were photographing the abandon “ranch” north of Mono Lake last weekend. I’ve photographed the area before, during the day. Those shots are here.

April 2015 Mono Lake Edited-6038

It’s called a ranch because it also supposedly grew wheat and corn as well as provided fresh meat to the nearby mining town of Bodie 150 years ago. Except there’s literally no evidence of any crops, but there’s a plethora of bones all over the ground of various sizes and types (vertebrates, femurs, random joint ends…)

April 2015 Mono Lake Edited-6033

There’s also several standing wooden buildings – barns, chicken coups, an actual house the deChambeau family lived in (it’s said there are still members of the family still in the area which isn’t terrifying at all) and most terrifying is the semi-abandoned RV trailer that sits near the entrance gate with its tinted windows and weird porch-like structure outside the door as if it’s still used.

April 2015 Mono Lake Edited-6031

The full gallery of the evening is below.

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3 Responses to That time we went to an abandoned slaughterhouse in the middle of nowhere at night

  1. They look amazing!!! What lens and setting did you use?

    • Thanks! I used a Nikon 3ds with a 14-24 Nikkor lens. f2.8 at 20 or so seconds and around 6000 iso (depending on what shot it is.) For the long exposure, it was quite overexposed at 38 or so minutes at 2.8 at 200 iso and took a lot of post production to make it presentable. I’m not overly happy with it, but it was freezing and late and scary so it was the only long one I did.

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